Our Story

2941 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL36106

2941 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL36106

Established May 2005

Dr. Timothy Rose relocated to Montgomery, Alabama in 2004 and initially practiced at Wimpee Chiropractic Clinic.  In May of 2005, Dr. Rose became the owner of the clinic and renamed it to Rose Chiropractic, Inc.   

As an evolving practitioner, he wanted to encompass the person as a whole, not only with chiropractic manipulation but utilizing whole health techniques.

As the years progressed, Dr. Rose sought out the knowledge of those practitioners whose methods had stood the test of time and those that were leading the way in whole food nutrition.  Continuing education seminars were more than meeting regulatory requirements but a thirst for knowledge to help his patients. Dr. Rose not only attended continuing education but shadowed his mentors to put knowledge into clinical practice.  His passion for restoring a patient's optimal health remains his primary focus.

After much prayerful consideration Rose Chiropractic, Inc. expanded to a second location in Greenville, Alabama.  BALANCED HEALTH:  A Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic opened in September of 2015.  

We are grateful to the people of Central and South Alabama and the support of the communities which allow Dr. Rose to continue his passion.